4 tips to keep you healthy & your car clean!

Behind The Wheel

car wash

Airborne contaminants, microbes and other sickly elements abound in both new and pre-owned vehicles. Our germs are traveling with us and everybody that travels in that car carries their germs and leaves them in your car. See these sickly elements found in your car –

  1. Bacteria – Study on microbes and cars, showed that the dashboard is the most germ ridden area of an automobile. Bacteria were also found predominantly around the coffee holder and change slot. Tip: Give the whole interior a good vacuum clean.
  2. Allergens – Allergens, including dust mites, mold reside in the dashboard and floors of many vehicles. Tip: Regular interior vacuuming and sanitizing.
  3. CO – In the summer–on congested roadways, cars can become a repository for carbon monoxide. Tip: During heavy traffic, adjust the air conditioner’s settings to recirculate indoor air.
  4. Chemical Toxins – Benzene is a cancer causing toxin or carcinogenic…

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