Are you losing your money when you fuel your car

Behind The Wheel

Can you say for sure that your petrol pump is NOT ripping you off? Petrol pump scams in India can end up costing you as high as Rs 200 per fueling. That could range from Rs 2400 per year to Rs 5000 per year depending on how frequently you need to refuel.


Luckily, with digitization, almost everything can be tracked. But, it still needs car owners to be vigilant while fuelling. Here are a few common frauds that you might be falling for:

  1. Always make sure to check the zero before fuelling: Although most station employees tell you this themselves, it is still your responsibility to check that the previous transaction has been completed and the machine reset.Sometimes, the attendant will place himself in a way that you cannot see the meter. ALWAYS get out of the car when you visit a fuelling station and check the meter.
  2. Filling…

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